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Title: Application
Post by: ColdvHazard on 21 March 2013 15:22:53
Hi my name is Aron. I'm 28/M/UK, i will be 29 soon in April. >:D

Ill just make this as short as possible. I like playing planetside 2 but im looking for a fun and active outfit. I do use teamspeak 3 which i do regularly check and i only speak English. I like to listen to people most the time but i will alert people to danger and adapt to any situations in game (via orders or not) because it mite just give us the edge in battle. O:-)

I do like to grind in planetside 2 but i also like to get involved in outfit events and organized squads (When i can). I dont hold any grudges about factions and who's the best. I just play the game for what it is. Yes i do like my smileys lol :))

In my own time: I'm starting to make planetside 2 videos of the moments i capture in game, when i feel up to it. I'm learning myself at the moment with making fun videos to watch over and over. lol

My first video ive made so far:
Do i have a twitch channel: Yes but i dont use it very much (

Sorry if my grammar sucks but im not perfect. My main character is ColdvHazard on NC - Miller C:-)

I'm sometimes shy but i do make a difference in games once you get to know me and how i play.

Thank you for taking your time reading my application and hope i have feeled you guys with enough information you need, if not please feel free to contact me - ColdvHazard ( NC - Miller )  ;D
Title: Re: Application
Post by: Patrician on 21 March 2013 15:39:23
Hi Aron, thanks for taking the time to apply to Knights Watchmen; we are fairly relaxed but do like to run as an team more than not, although we don't get mad if you want to go solo sometimes either.  Welcome to the outfit; both myself and Azaxs will be online tonight so we'll keep an eye out for you and send your outfit invite.  TS details will be given in game.

Title: Re: Application
Post by: Azaxs on 21 March 2013 18:32:37
Hi Aron

Welcome to the outfit. I have sent you your teamspeak login and details.

See you in the fight =)
Title: Re: Application
Post by: ColdvHazard on 22 March 2013 13:22:31
Cool thanks lads !

Oh btw most important thing is, i do play all of the factions on this server but my NC character is my main i use.
Since its my highest battle ranked character and ive had him since the beta.

I experience everything from all sides, not just one. Keeps my NC Character Fresh C:-)
Title: Re: Application
Post by: ColdvHazard on 23 March 2013 14:42:04
Hey lads

Just wonted to leave a message. I know you guys are very small but if i dont see me lasting long here because there is no one online. I do get bored very quickly or I will go to a more active outfit (like i said in my application).

I'm not going to say anything or give you guys a bad name because you are all have been great to me. I just wont to be more active during the days or even in the evenings with outfit squads or outfit events.

I am applying for other outfits, so i can feel comfortable that i dont have to play all the time (solo).

At this current time i will no further come on teamspeak 3 but i wish you guys all the best. If things dont work out at all for me then i would proudly come back. Thankyou for accepting me C:-)